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Find out more about Step Up to Net Zero and how it can support businesses in their journey to net zero and enable people to gain work experience and employment.

What is Step Up to Net Zero?

Now in its second phase, Step Up to Net Zero supports Glasgow SMEs in their efforts to reach net zero by funding six-month work placements who will help organisations take action towards net zero and circular goals.

Fully funded by Glasgow City Council and the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and delivered by Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, this project aims to support the city’s net zero ambitions and provides employability support for Glasgow’s workforce.

The net zero transition offers a significant opportunity to develop Scotland’s future economy and, given Glasgow’s target to become net zero by 2030, businesses will play a key part in meeting this goal.

Step Up to Net Zero has a proven record of supporting Glasgow businesses to adapt, innovate and kickstart their net zero and circular journey.

‘The bespoke action plan helped us to focus on what was important and what we could effectively achieve in the short-term and gave us a real path to follow’

Gemma Swallow, Technical Director, National Theatre of Scotland

For organisations

Find out more about the programme, eligibility criteria and how to apply.

For participants

Find out more about being a participant on the Step Up to Net Zero programme, view vacancies and take your next step.


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