Creating sustainable bathroom homewares

Undisturbed is rethinking bathroom homewares. Founded by Jacqueline Bruce in 2018, Undisturbed will use good design and good material choices to create beautiful and functional products for bathrooms. Their story begins in the shower, challenging the poor design and function of shower curtains and shower screens and the use of wasteful and harmful materials like plastic and toughened glass.


Rethinking resources: the shower curtains will be made from ‘waste’ materials.

Design for the future: products will be designed to last including being made for repair and reuse.


Undisturbed’s business model, ethos, values and mission will all contribute to the achievement of a circular business.


Good Design and Good Materials

With each decision they make, they will be driven by good design and good material choices. The circular design of their products will ensure what they put into the world is designed to last and will work with nature and our environment. This means products will be made for repair, reuse, repurposing, remanufacturing or, at the final stage, recycling. All within a closed loop cycle where the organisation takes responsibility for what happens next. They also have plans in place to ensure packaging is not just zero waste but will offer customers something useful for their wellbeing.


‘Waste’ as a Resource

In nature nothing is wasted and this is what Undisturbed will continually strive for. For them ‘waste’ = ‘resource’. One of the first products in their range will incorporate a blind style mechanism, utilising unwanted roller blind tubes, diverting this valuable metal from landfill. Material choices and future product development will seek to utilise sustainable natural or new materials made from ‘waste’.


Circular Business Model

The aim for Undisturbed’s circular business model will be to introduce a Product-a- a-Service model and an incentivised returns model. Customers will be rewarded for sending their products back, which takes the pressure off them on what to do when they no longer want or need a product. This allows Undisturbed to manage the materials and resources, bringing them back into the business.


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