Spruce Carpets


Scotland’s Only Carpet Re-use Social Enterprise

Spruce Carpets are a floor covering re-use and recycling social enterprise with charitable status. They are REVOLVE accredited (Scotland’s National Re-use Quality Standard) and are the trusted flooring supplier to the Scotland Excel framework. 


Re-think resources: Creating a new product from carpet off-cuts minimises the need for waste to go to landfill.

Collaborate: Working with other businesses and taking donations of unwanted material ensures that less is entering the waste stream.


Spruce Carpets have several generous private-sector donors built up over many years who recognise the environmental, social and financial benefits of offering their unwanted residual stocks to us. In 2018,  they kept 133 tonnes of floor coverings out of the waste stream by adopting a Circular Business Model.  

Their ‘environmental bottom line’ is integral to their practice and they create a greener environment by: 

  • Assisting in the direct diversion of saleable floor coverings by uplifting these materials from commercial donors 
  • Reclaiming, refurbishing and re-using carpet tiles by commercial on-selling and the sale of ‘end of roll’ carpets; in addition to reducing the waste of viable material, the re-use strategies contribute to reducing energy consumption. Any re-used materials that are unsuitable for re-use are sent for recycling. 

Through their rug-making operation, small off-cuts are put to good use. Off-cuts which are too small for most rooms of carpet are bound on-site and sold in both their Glasgow showroom and to 15 supply outlets run by charity partners throughout Scotland. This practice limits waste and adds value to carpet off-cuts that would otherwise go to landfill. 

All of this circular economy activity has the added benefit of creating work experience and skills development opportunities for volunteers who, for various reasons, are distant from the world of work but who are keen to progress employment and just need some additional support. This aspect of Spruce Carpet’s work completes the ‘virtuous circle’ they aspire daily to achieve. 


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