Enough for everyone. Forever

25 March 2019

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As part of a bid for Glasgow to become a leading circular city, Circular Glasgow, a Glasgow Chamber of Commerce initiative, is bringing one of the world’s most sustainable buildings to the city centre as part of an informative hub that inspires citizens to rethink, reuse, repair and recycle. 

The free to visit event will be filled with information on ways to become more circular and includes; case studies of pioneering local organisations who have successfully adopted a more sustainable approach, information on Glasgow’s circular journey, inspiring ‘did you know’ facts and stats in addition to an interactive area that encourages visitors to share simple ideas and tips.

Circular Hub, designed by Ilka, will include real life examples of products that have been designed with circularity in mind. The St. Enoch Centre’s waste coffee grounds to compost initiative will be showcased through the centre’s plants and will be joined by a special eco-friendly flower bed from Kabloom. The building itself was designed and built by IndiNature, who manufacture 100% plant based construction systems, while all of the information boards have been created using recycled planks from Glasgow Wood Recycling or G. F. Smith’s Extract paper made from used coffee cups.

Circular Hub, an exhibition that uses only repurposed or recycled materials, will be set up in St. Enoch Square from 10am until 5pm on Saturday March 30.