The Glasgow store leading a plastic revolution

Locavore provides local, sustainable and organic foods to the public and aims to reduce its impact on our planet.


Rethink the business model: replacing plastic bags for paper and providing refillable foods

Collaboration – encouraging customers to bring their own reusable bags, working with a number of community groups and local organisations to raise awareness about the importance of an accessible, healthy and sustainable food network.


Locavore has created a food store which showcases its commitment to reducing our impact on the environment. They do everything they can to help customers reduce their plastic use, from encouraging them to bring their own reusable shopping bags to providing refillable produce such as pastas, grains, nuts and milk. This is also good for prices, as eliminating packaging or selling packaged goods in bulk is far cheaper, which means less of a price tag for the customer. They also fully research suppliers before working with them to ensure transparency about the origins of every product.

Another aspect of Locavore’s work is collaborating and connecting with local community groups and causes. For example, they started their Grow the Grower scheme with the aim of increasing the number of skilled organic gardeners in Greater Glasgow in order to create a more diverse and sustainable foot network.


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