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Inspiring Design With Nature In Mind

Kabloom is a Glasgow based business that produces the Seedbom™; a fun and innovative, planet-friendly product range, designed to encourage better relationships with nature. Made using materials that are compostable, biodegradable or recyclable, Seedbom is filled with organic compost and wildflower seeds to support rewilding and help pollinating insects.


Prioritising Regenerative Resources – already proudly producing a plastic free product. Focussed on making all component parts of the Seedbom, including packaging, compostable and biodegradable.

Teaming up to create Joint Value – seeking to partner with local suppliers to reduce component part travel, reduce waste and invest in the local economy, and drive innovation within the local area to make sustainable products more widely available.


Kabloom is the producer of the Seedbom™ – a fun and innovative product with sustainability and environmentally friendly credentials! Proudly a plastic free product, Kabloom has also worked hard to ensure that all packaging components can be at least recycled, with many components being biodegradable and compostable too. This is through the careful selection of materials, using paper and card stock that originates from recycled sources. Kabloom also makes use of printing processes that involve bio-based inks to minimise chemicals entering the ecosystem. Other innovations, like using a biodegradable cane fibre label instead of a traditional coated label, helps to further reduce the use of chemicals in Kabloom’s product. Kabloom has recently shifted some elements of the packaging procurement to local suppliers to reduce the distances travelled. This shift also ensures that all of the Seedbom’s packaging is fully compostable and biodegradable.

Collaboration is key in driving innovation and in sharing knowledge and best practice. Kabloom has recently launched a marketing campaign that aims to educate its customer base on the circular economy, Kabloom’s product credentials and encouraging dialogue on ways that circularity can be more widely introduced. Already, Kabloom makes use of circular initiatives in its supply chain. An example of this includes Kabloom’s distribution partner reusing wooden pallets that the product components arrive on elsewhere in their own supply chain. Kabloom is also in talks with local companies to explore the viability of incorporating other industry’s by-products into the Seedbom to further include circularity and reduce waste.

In seeking to work with local suppliers, Kabloom contributes by sharing best-practice knowledge, which can drive innovation and increased product availability within the area. This means that other organisations can have a wider choice in products that are environmentally friendly and makes it easier for them to transition away from other packaging materials.


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