Communicating stories with impact

ilka is a creative design studio based in Glasgow who use their design expertise to support organisations striving to be a force for good. With a commitment to putting sustainability at the centre of everything they do, they have also recently become the first design studio in Scotland to receive B Corporation status.


Collaboration: working with and supporting organisations who align with their own values and mission to be a force for good, both socially and environmentally


Lisa and Laura, the founders of ilka, began by looking at the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and identified two strands of their business model that supported their ambition to be a force for good. The first was using their design expertise to inform and educate audiences on social and environmental issues through their client work. The second was an internal look at their own practices such as the support given to staff and the suppliers they choose to engage with. This focus led them to the B Corporation status which they achieved in early 2021.

Within their own business processes and supply chains, ilka identified a number of UK businesses who could provide more sustainable solutions, specifically for their paper and printing needs. They identified organisations such as GF Smith who make paper from disused coffee cups that cannot be recycled and local Glaswegian company PR Print who are working towards zero waste to landfill, are 80% solar powered and can carbon offset all print.

An example of ilka’s client work includes its partnership with Circular Glasgow in 2019 to create the Circular Hub, an educational exhibition looking at the circular economy for the everyday consumer. With one of the world’s most sustainable buildings designed by IndiNature as the exhibition space, the interactive event encouraged members of the public to consider ways to become more ‘circular’ in their everyday life.

Finally, ilka are actively involved in local groups and networks to further learn about and get involved in conversations on the issues they are communicating and addressing through their design work. For example, Laura is working alongside Fran van Dijk from One Stone Advisors and Elle Adams from Living Alive, as Co-Chair of the brand new B Local Scotland from B Corp UK, which is a group where B Corps work together for better business.



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