Construction Waste Portal


Using digital technology for smarter construction

Mudataco Limited has developed; an integrated platform for forecasting, costing and monitoring waste for the UK construction and waste management industries. Poor understanding of likely waste costs and volumes at tender stage typically leads to poor costing and inefficient waste strategies for construction projects.   Our tool provides more accurate estimates of waste volumes, types and costs based on location specific data from over 900 construction projects that have been undertaken in the UK.


Think tech: The use of digital technology and this digital platform allows construction businesses to limit their waste costs and volumes.


The team behind Construction Waste Portal are passionate about reducing waste in the construction industry be that time, resources or materials.  By having a more robust understanding of waste volumes and costs at tender stage, project teams can draw up improved site waste management plans and understand where and how cost reductions can be achieved.  This encourages better planning, segregation and reuse and recycling at project delivery stage.

Construction Waste Portal is an intelligent system that has had contributions from organisations across the industry including: Balfour Beatty, BAM, Graham Construction and Construction Scotland Innovation Centre.  In five years the team hope to have developed the tool to be able to forecast a range of other aspects of construction projects such as fuel use, water consumption through to more complex areas such as the carbon emissions as well as the embodied carbon of the materials used.  They will continue to diversify, adapt and respond to the requirements or requests of both industries to maintain our leading position in a market we have essentially created.


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