8 websites to help build your circular economy knowledge

20 April 2021


More and more organisations are beginning to explore and understand the importance of a circular economy and its role in mitigating the climate crisis and reducing the global temperature whilst also providing financial and competitive business benefits.

For those interested in why the circular economy plays such a significant role in reaching climate change targets and what actions they can take within their own business, there is no shortage of places online to learn more. To help, we’ve pulled together a list of some of our top websites where you can find circular economy resources, articles, insights, case studies, explanations and more.

  1. Circle Economy Knowledge Hub

Circle Economy’s Knowledge Hub has grown into an online library with thousands of practical examples of the circular economy in action. The most recent version of the Knowledge Hub allows everyone to add and edit their own circular economy examples directly onto the hub.

2. Ellen MacArthur Foundation Learning Hub

The Ellen MacArthur Foundation’s website has endless content to help you learn about a circular economy. In particular, its Learning Hub offers fantastic interactive learning experiences which explore how the circular economy can be applied to different areas of the economy including food, fashion, plastics and cities.

3. Zero Waste Scotland Circular Economy Accelerator

The Circular Economy Accelerator platform from Scotland’s circular economy experts is a great stop for businesses looking for an overview of the circular economy as well as practical guidance, case studies and inspiration.

4. World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum, which hosts the annual Davos climate change conference, has a full section on its website dedicated to articles and blog posts highlighting innovative circular economy stories and examples from around the world.

5. ReLondon

ReLondon, recently renamed from London Waste And Recycling Board, has a fresh new website featuring a resource bank full of content to help anyone in the public or private sector to build their understanding of a circular economy.

6. Accenture: Circulars Accelerator

Accenture’s Circulars Accelerator is an evolution of their awards programme which saw over 1,500 applications. Head to their Insights page for resources including articles, thought leadership and their Circulars Yearbooks, showcasing the most pioneering and innovative circular economy solutions across the 5 years of awards entries.

7. Sitra’s 39 circular economy solutions

After an open call for circular economy examples from around the world, Sitra compiled this list of 39 inspiring circular economy examples across 6 continents, ranging from circular fashion to magnetic ink and from upcycling solar panel waste to podcasts and games demonstrating a circular economy in practice.

8. Circular Glasgow

We might be a little bias on this one but our recently relaunched website features a stories section full of inspiring circular economy business examples as well as an online toolkit designed for businesses looking to start their own circular economy journey.